Alexa Thibodeaux

4th period


Information about the chateau

Ø When was the châteatu built? 1536

Ø For whom was the châteatu built? built by Jean le Breton, one of François I’s Finance Ministers

Ø For what reason was the châteatu built? For Jean le Breton to acquire important social standing

Ø Picture6.jpg

Three unique features

Ø 1. The courtyard is open to the outside rather than surrounded by the building

Ø 2. There are no right angles in the positioning of the buildings nor any grand perspectives, parallel or perpendicular, inside the castle. It is all an optical illusion.

Ø 3. There are actually more than 40 different vegetables that transform this garden into an extraordinary and huge multicolored checkerboard of almost 108,000 square feet


Two Important events:

Ø 1. It is built on the foundations of a medieval fortress where, in 1189, king of France, Philippe II August demanded to meet the king of England, Henri II Plantagenet, after defeating him in battle, to discuss peace.

Ø 2. During the French Revolution the property was confiscated and in the early 19th century Emperor Napoleon acquired it for his brother Joseph Bonaparte.


My opinion of the château

Ø I love the design of Villandry. It is unlike any other castle, in my opinion. The architecture is unique and beautiful. One of a kind. I would love to own a place as amazing as Villandry and be able to walk through the gorgeous garden at any moment. The mixture of styles envokes passion and mystery throughout the castles features.


Château quiz

Ø Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

l 1. The gardens consist of three terraces.

l 2. The gardens were created by Joachim Carvallo.

l 3. Villandry was redone in the 16th century by Jean Le Breton.

l 4. The chateau was built in 1536.

l 5. There are 40 different vegetables within the vegetable garden.


Personal interest 1

The chateau is gorgeous. It has a gigantic, beautiful garden that has so many unique and complex parts to it that it could wow anyone who laid eyes on it. The design of the castle itself is very appealing, as well. The rennassaince design taken from different cultures of the times gives it a mysterious aura almost, separating it from the other chateaus.


Personal interest 2

Ø The three terrace garden, including a water garden, ornamental flower gardens, and vegetable gardens, are considered one of the most beautiful of all time. The curb appeal of the castle is fantastic and welcomes guests with its beauty. Picture1.jpg

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Life project:

Quand j'avais 10 ans.
J'habitais a Pottsboro, TX.
J'allais a <<Pottsboro Elementary School>>.
J'étais en 4ieme.
J'étais tres timide et sportive, mais je n'etais pas bete.
J'aimais un steak. Je detestais ;es legumes.
Je regardais <<Buffy the Vampire Slayer>>.
J'écoutais un pays.
Je lisais les livres de J.K Rowling <<Harry Potter>> et Tolkein <<The Lord of the Rings>>.
Mes meilleures amies étaint Sarah, Shannon, et Taylor.
Je me levais vers 7H.
Le weekends, je jouais avec mes frere et souer.
Pendant les vacances, on rendait visite à ma famille et j'allais a la plage.

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