Name of Château

Anna George
French II Period 4

Information about the chateau

When was the châteatu built? About 1431
For whom was the châteatu built?Amboise was first build as the possession of the counts of Anjou.
For what reason was the châteatu built?It was a fortress, but after the crown took control it was used as a residence for the lady and her children.

Three unique features of the château

1. The two spiral turrets, the Minimes, and Hurtault tower, were important architectural structures of the castle.
2. Luxurious furnishing included Flemish and French tapestries, Damask curtains and Turkish carpets.
3. Great quantities of stone were brought in to complete the building of the hall.

Two Important events:

1.In March 12, 1563 the peace of Amboise was signed at the castle
2. The castle declined in the early 17th century.

My opinion of the château

Why you like the châteatu and where you would have liked to live there or not
I like the Chateau, because it has a great view from inside and outside, and also it is near water. I would love to live in casyle like that with a lot of servants. It would eb fun to live there on vacation in the mediviel times.

Château quiz

Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

1.The Château was build at about 1431 A.D.

2.The counts of Anjou were the first known people to live in the castle.
3.The curtains in the castle were from Damask.
4.The carpets were from Turkey.
5. The castle was first a fortress, but later it was a residence.

Personal interest 1

It is amazing that the castle is hundreds of years old, and yet it stand upright. The architecture is intresting, because the catle still stands. The many graphics and things used to build the castle are from different countries. The structure by wich the castle was build is nice, because there is a hall and many sculptures in it.

Personal interest 2

It is hard to believe that the castle was abandoned in the beginning of the 17th century. The castle declined after the French wars of religion. The peace of Amboise was signed in the 1500’s.

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