Name of Château: Ussé
• First and last name: Ashley Day
• French II Period 4
Information about the chateau
• When was the châteatu built?
The 11th century, but remodeled in the 15th century
• For whom was the châteatu built?
The French Military
• For what reason was the châteatu built?
It was built as a stronghold against enemies located at Chinon forest overlooking the Indre Valley

Three unique features of the château
• 1. A beutiful view of parterre terrace is visable due to the distruction of a northern group of the buildings orginally apart of the château
• 2. The château is marked with many large towers, which give it a fairy tale look.
• 3. The château has many unique gardens and a very romantic feel, which caused it to inspire many romantic tales
Two Important events:
• 1. Jean V de Bueil, a general of Charles the VII, bought the château in 1456 and started to remodel it in the 1460s.
• 2. Charles Perrault bought the château in the 17th century, which inspired him to write Sleeping Beauty.
My opinion of the château
• I find the château very beatiful and I think it would be a lovely place to visit. Though I would adore to spend a day there, I do not believe I would be able to live in such a large castle.
Château quiz
• Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château
– 1. The _ group of building was destoryed for a better view of the garden. [NORTHERN]
– 2. It was created for the _.[ THE FRENCH Military ]
– 3. In the
_ century it was remodeled [15th ]
– 4. The château inspired the story of . [SLEEPING BEAUTY]
– 5.
_ remodeled the castle. [Jean V de Bueil]
Personal interest 1
• If I lived in the château I would furth expand the gardens and continue to increase the beauty of the already breathtaking castle.
Personal interest 2
• I would also bring modern touch to the château by putting modern art all over it. I think this would put a modern feel on the very old castle.
Web sources:
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• Château d'Ussé. 4 May 2006. Http://www.flickr.com/photos/intrepid_lu ke/380554487/, Loire Valley, France, Loire Valley.

Mon Enfance


Quand j'avais 6 ans...
J'habitais à Syracuse.
J'allais à <<Pineville Elementary School>>.
J'étais en 1ième

J'étais timide et petite, mais je n'étais pas bruyant.
J'aimais les hot dogs et la jeannette. Je détestais les hamburgers.
Je regardais <<Boy Meets World, Rugrats, et Spongebob Squarepants>>.
J'écoutais N*sync et Les Backstreet Boys.
Je lisais les livres de Barbara Park << Junie B. Jones Is (almost) a Flower Girl>>.
Mes meilleures amies étaitent Nicole, Ashley, Kelly, et Abby.

Je me levais vers 6H et je couchais vers 20H.
Le week-end, je regardais le télé et parfois on allait au ciné.
Pendant les vacances, je rendais visite à cousins et famille.

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