Azay chateau

Ashley McFarland

4th period

Information about the chateau

When was the châteatu built? 1515

For whom was the châteatu built?gilles berthelot

For what reason was the châteatu built? It was his wifes inheritanes

Three unique features of the château

1. a facetted diamond set in the Indre.

2. English landscape garden with many specimen trees.

3.exotic conifers

Two Important events:


2.when the chateau was rebuilt louisXI claimed the chateau.

1.later charles VIII took claime of the chateau.


My opinion of the château

Why you like the châteatu and where you would have liked to live there or not? I like the chateau because of it beautiful snery and its beautiful garden. Also i would have to say no to that queston because i love the romatic garden and its very nice but i feel it would be to much for me.

Château quiz

Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

1.when was the chateau built? 1515

2.what was it famous for? Its beautiful garden

3.who claimed the chateau when it was rebuilt ? Louis XI

4.who later came to claime the chateau? Charles VIII

5. what war was taking place at the time? 100 year war

Personal interest 1

I like the chatue beacuse it was a romantic type chateau.

Personal interest 2

I also like it beause of its beautiful senery it was know for its amazing garden.

Web sources:

Mon Enfance

  • How old you were –Quand j’avais 7ans
  • Where you used to live-j’habitais a missouri city
  • Where you went to school-j’allais a <<Glover elementry >>
  • What grade you were in- j’etais en 2ieme
  • What you were and were not like (two adjectives total) –j’etais joyeuse et timide, mais je n ‘etais pas tres sportive.
  • What you liked and didn’t like to eat-j’aimais les hamburgers et la pizza. Je detestais tomate
  • What you used to watch- je regardais <<Sabrina, charles in charge, threes company, clueless,moesha,family matters,the wayne brothers,the parkers,jamie fox show,livin single,sister sister, smart guy, friends, steve harvey>>
  • What you used to listen to -j'ecoute <<destinys child >>
  • What you used to read-
  • Who your best friends were

  • What time you used to get up
  • What you did on the weekends
  • What you did during vacations