Château de Chaumont

Azia Mae Davis

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Information about the chateau

When was the châteatu built? 10th century or 1560

For whom was the châteatu built? Eudes II, Count of Blois

For what reason was the châteatu built? It was to protect Blois from attacks.

Three unique features of the château

1.its structures

2.The nice english garden

3.Château de Chaumont is currently a museum and every year hosts a Garden Festival from June to October

Two Important events:

1. Catherine de Medici purchased it in 1560, a year after husband Henry II's died.

2. The castle burned down in 1465 . Louis XI's orders and was later rebuilt by Charles I d'Amboise from 1465-1475 and then finished by his son.

My opinion of the château

I like it’s beautiful structure and all of it’s unique details.yes, i would like to live there.

Château quiz

Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

1. it was built by Eudes II and Count of Blois, in the 10th century.

2. The castle was burned to the ground in 1465

3. In 1789, the new French Revolutionary Government seized Le Ray's assets, including his beloved Chateau de Chaumont

4. . Château Chaumont was later purchased by Catherine de Medici in 1560, a year after her late husband Henry II's death.

5. In 1750, Jacques-Donatien Le Ray purchased the Castle as a country home where he established a glassmaking and pottery factory.

Personal interest 1

this is such a beautiful castle with such nice features.if i was wealth i would love to stay here.

Personal interest 2

It was owned by so many people and has so many different styles inside of it.

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