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Name of Château

Biya Mathew
French II Period: 4th

Information about the chateau

When was the châteatu built? About 1431
For whom was the châteatu built? Amboise was first part of the possessions of the counts of Anjou
For what reason was the châteatu built? It was a fortress, but after the Crown took control of it, it became a residence for them.

Three unique features of the château

1. There are two spiral turrets, the Minimes tower and the Hurtault tower, which were important architectural innovations to the French.
2. The Hall of the State General was one of Henry II's great quantities of stone that made it possible for the château to be completed.
3 The decoration was first originally from France, then it collaborated with the Flemish arts, then later on it became Italian.

Two Important events:

1. this castle declined in the early seventeenth century.
2. the castle was seized by Charles VII of France on
September 4th 1434.

My opinion of the château

Why you like the châteatu and where you would have liked to live there or not?
I like the castle because it is a huge piece of monument the owned by the French and it’s got magnificent and unique features that no one could resist. It also has a great lake-view rooms which I would totally love.

Château quiz

Five fill in the blank questions and answers about your château

1. The Château overlooked the Loire River.
2. The two spiral turrets, the Minimes tower and the Hurtault tower, were beautiful features of the Château.
3. The Château of seized by Charles VII of France.
4. The decoration of the rooms were originally from the French inspirstion, but then got mixed with the Italy, Damascas, and Turkey.
5. Since 1840, the Château d'Amboise has been listed as a monument historique.

Personal interest 1

This Château was one of the best châteaus I’ve seen in my life. I really enjoyed working and searching more about this Château because, mainly, everything about it is beautiful.

Personal interest 2

This Château has the most beautiful rooms, garden, towers, etc. I’ve ever seen. I chose this château especially because, out of all the chateaus I saw, this was the most cutest, biggest, and the most tallest.

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